At Laurel Baptist Church, we believe that children are a gift from God. We are to begin teaching children about and pointing the way to Christ as soon as we can. Although this responsibility belongs to parents, the local church should do all they can to help. This is where AWANA comes in!


AWANA is a Bible based, fun filled club where children can come and learn Scripture with other kids. While games and relational activities are a part of what we do at AWANA, the Bible, God’s Holy Word, is the main focus.  AWANA is open to children 3 years old to sixth grade.


 We desire to do our very best to make certain your child is safe and has the proper  adult supervision and instruction during  AWANA club time.  Therefore, the 2015 AWANA club  has limited space this year.


For more information about AWANA, please E-mail us and check out the AWANA website.